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Hillside Garden Center

RETAINING WALLS & MORE ShareCreate more usable space in your back yard. Make a steep slope less maintenance. Dress up your entrance and more with walls from Hillside Garden Center. They don't have to be simply for retaining a bank; a free standing wall visually encloses your patio. Low edging style walls make a clean edge between your garden and lawn. Tired of mowing a steep slope? Read the Full Story
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Our fountains come from many sources making the selection broad. Styles like Angels, Garden Fairies, Earthy Stone, Classic Tiered, Modern shapes and more are in resin and concrete materials. We also feature the ‘build-your-own’, with our Basalt Columns where you can create exactly what works for your special garden spot.


SPECIAL ORDERS: Don't see what you're looking for?  We have catalogs for your viewing and are happy to order something just for you.

Important Fountain Information
  • All fountains need a source for electric for the pumps to work. Any fountain can be used indoors. Use precautions to protect furniture & flooring from water damage and try to choose one that does not splash.
  • Maintenance can be minimal but is necessary. This entails adding water (evaporation occurs), and cleaning periodically with a mild bleach solution. Fountains exposed to direct sunlight will need cleaning more often.